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CATALOGO → MOVE by Danny Weiser and Taiwan Ben
MOVE by Danny Weiser and Taiwan Ben
€ 40


Davvero visuale e' vera magia!

Imagine using a pen throughout your performance, allowing the spectator to use AND inspect it as well.

Then, under your complete control, you cause the clip to detach from the cap and move along the body of the pen. You then magically restore the clip back onto the cap and hand the pen back out to be examined!! A Perfect "Anytime" effect!!

A stunning and fooling effect!
Takes up Almost No Pocket Space!
Always Ready to Perform!
Cap Moves at Your Control
Completely Self-Contained
Seemingly Impromptu!
Instant Setup! No Switching!
Pen is Writable and Examinable Before and After.
Can be Performed Anytime, Anywhere!
Online Tutorial Video!
You'll want to MOVE to order this one!