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CATALOGO → Multisensory Bags (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe , Alan Wong and Paul McCaig
Multisensory Bags (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)  by Luca Volpe , Alan Wong and Paul McCaig
€ 65



"The bags are well made and this really is one of those times you pack flat and play big. The bags all fit in one larger bag and take up no space in your luggage. ON cruise ships and with all my travel I am always looking for something that takes up literally no space, weighs nothing and yet I can get 10 minutes entertainment from. This is one of those routines. You should get yourself a blindfold if you want to use one of Luca’s ideas, which I recommend you do because it fooled me, and you will have some solid entertainment. " -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish Magazine
Have you ever wished to perform a full 10 minutes psychometry stage routine that is entertaining and impossible to backtrack? Well, now you can with the Multisensory Bags!

The Multisensory Bags is a modern approach to psychometry routines that uses a modern nylon zippered bag design and three ways of marking each bag! Yes! There are three ways that you can know, for each of the bags, which person placed an object inside!

Imagine calling five people on stage, and each one places a personal object (or even their phone!) inside their bag. A different spectator then mixes the order of the bags. Amazingly, you will be able to open each bag and give the object back to its owner... BUT... in multiple revelations! You can even be blindfolded!

With the Multisensory Bags, it will be impossible for the spectators to backtrack the method, as each time you are going to use a different method! Each method will cancel out the others!

Once you will get these bags, you will immediately add them to your repertoire! You will achieve impressive results with a professional tool that is a breeze to use!

Always ready when needed, high quality props and easy to carry everywhere you go!

The future of psychometry has arrived with The Multisensory Bags!


1. Five zippered Multisensory Bags
2. One big zippered bag
3. Booklet
4. Digital downloads