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CARTEMAZZI REGOLARI → Aphelion Playing Cards LTD Edition Italian Oak Rare Wood Collectors Box
Aphelion Playing Cards LTD Edition Italian Oak Rare Wood Collectors Box
€ 80


These elegant limited edition Aphelion wood box feature an high quality finish, hand made with Italian oak wood personally selected by the Parama team in Italy with numbered and hand signed seals.

Collectors Box Contents:
- Italian Oak Wooden Collectors Box
- 1x Limited Edition Aphelion deck
- 2x Parama Stickers (While Stocks last)

The Aphelion deck was designed by a passionate team at Parama Playing Cards in Italy. The tuck case features a luxurious look and feel, from the gold foil to the embossing this deck is a true premium collectors deck.

Only 1,000 decks were printed, never to be printed again, get your hands on one before these sell-out forever.

The journey, this is the theme of Aphelion playing cards.

"Journey" as a word can assume many meanings, from moving from place to place to soul searching. When this ends it leaves a long trail of memories, and that is what we all live: experiences; and that is what we are: we are our experiences and their memory.

That is why this project was born right on the day of the farthest point of Earth revolution, a lost place in a long journey of which it will remain a memory of endless experiences.

•Pantone metallic Gold colour on cards
•Gold foil and embossing on the tuck case
•54 Poker size playing cards + 2 extra cards (double backer and gaff card)