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CARTEMAZZI TRUCCATI → Bolt on Deck by Yoichi Akamatsu
Bolt on Deck  by Yoichi Akamatsu
€ 60



Reveal and remove a signed, selected card - with a bolt attached to the deck!

Effect: •Show a deck that has a hole in the center of each card
•Your spectator selects and signs a card
•They mix the deck, which is randomly spread on a table, and place their card into it
•Gather the deck, put the bolt through the holes, and attach a nut to fasten
•Even with the bolt going through the cards, the performer finds the card with the signature
•The spectator pinches the card, the magician casts a spell, and then the card magically passes right through the bolt - the center hole is not torn in any way!
Features •The audience can shuffle the deck freely after the chosen card is placed in the deck
•Can be viewed from all angles
•This is practical magic with a low risk of failure
•Great for all occasions
Deck provided is a Red-Back Bicycle Deck.

Instruction is provided through online video.